Garbage and Recycling


DO NOT contaminate with other recycling like plastics or tin.
DO NOT place paperback books in this bin – donate or sell.
DO NOT leave large boxes on the floor for someone else to clean up.
Do fold your boxes down before putting in the cardboard bin, this will maximize space.
Do break down your box if it is too big for the bin or cut it up so that it fits compactly.
Do separate any Styrofoam from packing boxes before you put it in the bin.
Styrofoam can contaminate the entire load, making it hard or more costly to recycle.


TIN/PLASTIC: We do not accept Soft Plastic or Styrofoam in these totes!


Please use ONLY compostable bags. DO NOT use plastic or biodegradable bags. Plastic bags do not break down and biodegradable bags take too long.

NOT ACCEPTED IN ORGANICS BINS: Bandages, Diapers & Soiled wipes Hygiene products Feces (POOP) human/pet Pet Bedding & Pet Litter Rubber Bands  and Twist Ties Plastic Bags Metal, Glass & Plastic items of any type.

  STYROFOAM & SOFT PLASTIC: We also have bins for clean styrofoam (food and packing) and for soft clean plastics. Please clean meat & bakery trays, foam take-out, foam cups, and foam egg containers before placing in the recycling bin. For more information about our garbage and recycling program you may request a PDF from council.



Island Return It recycle a wide variety of items ranging from your typical bottles and cans to smoke alarms, light bulbs,  paint products, packaging, and more.  This is the closest location to recycle large foam packaging and electronics.

Ellice Recycle accepts most items, but there are some difficult to handle materials that they do not accept. CLICK HERE to enter the description in the search field to find out if Ellice accepts the material or simply browse the list.